Monday, August 1, 2011

The Que Dog Invasion

This weekend the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity had it's 100th Centennial Celebration. in Washington, D.C.

It was quite a scene out there...I must say!

I witnessed a lot of married Ques (nickname for Omega Psi Phi fraternity) running a muck like their wives hadn't let them out the house in years.

It was scary.

I completely understand now.

These men should never be let out of the house under any circumstances ever again.

Now, before I bash these men terribly....I will say there were a lot of nice events sponsored by them. I saw some Ques dressed up in their best suits and bow ties looking quite dapper. I have a friend who is a Que that I like very much. He's a gentleman and always keeps it classy. He's like a black ken doll with a closet full of clothes to make you 'ooohh and aahhh' over, which all seems metrosexual...until you hear him clown dudes who are coons, wear pink, and act like pussies.

I know this is such a woman thing to say, but his closet is like a fantasy to me.

Some people get aroused by cars, sex, bling...I get aroused by organized clean closets with trendy items.

That's sexy!

I cannot help that closets make me feel warm and tingly...don't ever put me in front of an organized woman's may have to revive me! Sigh.

My belief? To care about what you wear and how you care for it says a lot about a person.

Now, onto the bad Que Dogs.....there were a majority of them - in camouflage and purple tees drunk out of their mind...groping, biting, and howling at dogs.

It was scary.

Not sure when or where the whole Que Dog nickname came about....but I do believe they nicknamed themselves with this.


I guess it's okay to second the fact that I think they live up to their name, right?

These aggressive men were partaking in the 3 Gs: Gawking, Groping, and Grazing! I felt like I was having a flash back to being groped at Hammerjacks in high school (a club where people got shot up in back in the day).

It was just...uncool.

This Que invaded our pictures with his hook sign. I mean can you ask first? We don't even know you, Dude!

Another spoke to me while flashing his wedding ring like, "Yes, B! Recognize the ring because I still have the balls to try and holler. No shame in my game."

Another one tried to talk to my girl who was hammered and didn't notice he had on a ring. But he did and could care less shit.

One bit my girlfriend's friend on her bottom. Crazy thing about it? Her simple tail liked it and couldn't wait to go out again the next evening.

I mean huh?

And we wonder how these men are getting away with biting women all weekend. Yes, because their asses are loving it!

I wish one of them did try to bite heel would have been wedged up in somebody's face.

I mean, seriously. Where is the holy water when you need it? There are too many demon ninjas running around in this city!

What I saw was crazy. The men were shameless. And you know what? This is the main reason that I will never date a Que again. I know from personal experience! They will stare you dead in your face and lie.....repeatedly.

I don't know one good story that ever came from a woman dating a Que..but yet I know a ton of bad stories, smh. No coincidence, I promise.

What I will say though!

Like with any other situation....there are always a couple of good folks who are out shadowed by all the bad folks. The bad folks can make an entire ethnicity, group, or organization look bad that we all assume, "they all must be the same!"


 I don't want everyone to assume that EVERY Que is a dirt bag....I just want you to know that 91% of them are dirt bags.

Proof of the 9% that are good folks? And I don't bash every Que?

This Que was cool! A family pyschologist. can debate with me whether or not he counts, since he legally has to walk around with 'sense' in order to keep his his job.

But this Que was cool and had no legal obligations to be this way! My girlfriends cursed at him for approaching me...all he did was smile and engaged me in conversation, like he didn't hear a thing. Then told me, he wished that he met me earlier this evening." I laughed and said, "Really? And deal with these belligerent bitches all night?? Yeah, right!" He just laughed.

The lesson here? 1) If it quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. 2) You can still be nice to a Que even if you're not interested in dating one.


  1. Help! There is a Que after me...... I'm trying to run for my life but he keep coming ...

  2. there is a que who has been buttering me up for months! Lol help. I dont know if I should give it to him or not, hes a gentleman, a dentist too. but shit who knows what he really would do if I gave in!!!!!